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USA Tourist Visa

Spending time in the United States with family and friends? Are you planning a vacation or need to go away for medical reasons? The B2 visa issued by the United States Department of State is designed specifically for tourists who will be staying in the country for less than 90 days and who will not be doing business there. If you really aim to get the USA Tourist Visa in Jalandhar then connect with the right Edu Star Group.

It is possible for a person’s fiancé or fiancée to apply for a US K-1 visa on their behalf if they are engaged to a US citizen, want to marry a US citizen, and want to reside in the United States. The bearer of a K-1 visa is granted permission to go to the United States within ninety days of arriving in the country to marry their fiancé(e). Following the completion of their wedding, couples may submit an application for a modification of status in order to get a Green Card in the United States.

Thousands of individuals have been able to successfully apply for visas all around the world with the assistance of Edu Star Group. You should choose us to submit your application for a US B2 visa because of our extensive understanding of the procedure for obtaining US visas. Connect with the Edu Star Group as they are one of the best USA Tourist Visa Agent in Jalandhar.

Non-immigrants to the United States may apply for a B-2 visa. Individuals who have the visa are granted permission to enter the United States for a brief length of time, during which they may visit family or friends or go on vacation.

When in the United States, holders of a B-visa are permitted to participate in the activities listed below:

  • Visit the countryside for your vacation.
  • Travel to a few of the many cities around the nation.
  • Pay a visit to either their friends or their family.
  • Take part in the social activities organized by various groups.
  • Travel to the nation in order to get medical care.
  • Take part in competitive activities or musical performances.
  • Take part in several short-term courses.


The B2 visa offered by the United States government is the ideal option for tourists who only want to stay in the country for a limited time. In most cases, it is granted for a duration of half a year. Get in touch with the appropriate member of the Edu Star Group if obtaining the USA Tourist Visa Services in Jalandhar is a goal of yours. In some circumstances, the visa may be granted as a multiple entry visa valid for a duration of up to ten years. Some important aspects of the B2 visa are as follows:

  • You have to be able to convince US consular authorities at an Embassy or a Consulate of the United States that you are not visiting the nation with the goal of becoming an immigrant of that country.
  • You are required to provide arguments and evidence to support your claim that you will surely go back to your native country.
  • You are required to schedule appointments in order to have your biometrics (finger scan) taken and to have your visa interview.
  • Children less than 14 years old and people older than 80 years old are exempt from having to go to the Consulate or Embassy for an interview and may instead submit their papers at the visa application centre.
  • People who have previously been granted a US Visit Visa and are now asking to have it renewed may have their visa renewed by making an appointment at a visa application centre and delivering the required papers in person.

In most cases, the visa may be completed in a matter of two to three days, at which point you will have the option of collecting your passport from the VAC centre or having it couriered to you.