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Tourist Visa for Australia


Included in the application for a visa to Australia are the following documents:

To know about Australia Study Visa in Jalandhar contact EduStar Group now. Authentic passport in addition to any previous passports, if any are available. Your passport has to be available for a period another six months after the date on which you submit your application for the visa, and it needs to have at least three blank pages. Along with the other required papers, a notarized copy of the start page, end page, observational page (if there is one), and each used and unused page of the current passport should be supplied. If you are providing a copy of an older passport, you also need to provide copies of any pages that have been utilized from that passport. Confirmed arrival back at the airport. For more information, you can consider taking assistance from the right Australia Tourist Visa Services Jalandhar. We offer the best services of Australia Student Visa in Jalandhar.

  • The three forms, the Form 1419 Tourist, the Form 54, and the Form 956, all need to be filled out, signed, and connected to the passport: Please be aware that the visa documents for children need the signatures of both of the parents.
  • 2 current colour images at the size required for passports, shot against a white backdrop and finished with a matte coating (size 35 mm x 45 mm and 80 percent face close-up). Take proper guidance from the right Australia Tourist Visa consultant.
  • Cover letter stating the specifics of travel, the traveller’s personal information, the purpose of the trip, and the length of time spent there, addressed to the Australia High Commission in New Delhi.
  • Documents from your income tax return that detail all of your financial dealings throughout the last three years.
  • Original bank statements that demonstrate transactions for the previous six months, legally certified and signed by an authorized bank representative.
  • Itinerary for travel that includes evidence of hotel stay, passenger name, and departure and arrival dates.
  • Additional Documents and Information

In the event that the candidate currently has a job:

  • W-2 forms for the most recent half-year of employment
  • Authentic leave letter from employer
  • Whether the applicant has their own business or is self-employed.
  • Certificate attesting to the organization’s status as a registered business
  • Papers pertaining to the finances, together with a cover letter printed on the stationery of the organization
  • If the candidate has relatives in Australia, the following conditions must be met
  • Copies of the invitee’s passport and visa, as well as evidence of their immigration status, are required.
  • Invitation letter
  • Corroborating evidence of the relationship

If the prospective employee has the position of Student:

The original letter of no objection from the school or university, together with a copy of the student ID.

In the event that the applicant plans to remain in the country for a period longer than three months:

  • In addition, a chest X-ray and a medical certificate are required.
  • In the event that the age of the applicant is older than 75 years
  • After receiving instructions from the embassy, the panel doctor is responsible for fulfilling the necessary medical conditions. To know about Australia Student Visa in Jalandhar visit us now. EduStar Group are the best Australia Tourist Visa Expert in Jalandhar