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Permanent Residency Canada

How to Obtain a Visa to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada?

The permanent resident visa of Canada is a decision that many people who are interested in immigrating to Canada consider. Many people have been inspired to make an effort to immigrate to Canada as a result of the country’s welcoming policies toward immigrants and the encouragement provided by the government to migrants to come to this country and start a new life here. With the assistance of the Edu Star Group, you will be able to get the finest Canada PR Visa Services in Jalandhar. EduStar is the best Canada PR consultants in Jalandhar.

Aside from this, settling down in Canada has the promise of a pleasant lifestyle as well as the suitable living circumstances for the individual. There is a wealth of employment alternatives, in addition to the possibility of achieving personal independence.

Getting a visa that allows one to live permanently in Canada is one of the choices available to those who want to relocate to the country. You will be granted status as a permanent resident of the country after you have obtained a PR visa. A PR visa is valid for a period of five years and may be renewed beyond that point in time. You are still considered to be a citizen of the nation from which you originally hail, even if you move to Canada and get a permanent resident visa. Attain the best Canada PR Visa Services Jalandhar with the help of the Edu Star Group. 

The advantages of obtaining a Canadian permanent resident visa

You will be able to take use of the following privileges if you are in possession of a PR visa:

  • Will be able to submit an application for Canadian citizenship in the near future
  • Can reside, work, and attend school in any location throughout Canada.
  • Able to get the same medical treatment as well as other social advantages that Canadian citizens take advantage of.
  • Protection afforded by the legal system of Canada
  • It does not make you a permanent resident of the nation if you are a student or a worker from a different country; rather, you will need to apply specifically for the PR visa in order to get that status.

It is not always possible for those who have fled persecution in their home country to be granted permanent residency in the United States. The Immigration and Refugee Board has to give their application for refugee status the go-ahead before they can start the process. After this, individuals are eligible to submit an application for permanent resident status and should be granted it. With the assistance of the Edu Star Group, you will be able to get the finest Canada PR Visa Services in Jalandhar.

How exactly does one go about getting a visa for the status of Permanent Resident (PR)?

You are going to be required to go through an application procedure in order to get a PR visa. The applications are subjected to meticulous analysis and review. One must accumulate a certain number of points in order to be eligible for a permanent resident visa for Canada. The candidates are evaluated using a number of criteria, including age, proficiency in a language, level of education, and amount of previous job experience. Take the right help from the quality Canada PR consultants in Jalandhar to get the Canada PR visa.

There are many different immigration programmes available in Canada, and one of them is via which you may submit an application for permanent residence. Among them, the following are the ones that are most frequently used:

  • Business Immigration Program
  • Express Entry Program
  • Experience class Immigration
  • Family class Immigration
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Express Entry Canada Provinces

Canada Express Entry Programs