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Offering a unique approach to teaching learning and assessing the English

English is driven by the world class research and profound commitment to delivering educational value for the benefit of learners, teachers with EDUSTAR group Jalandhar

As one of the best English institute EDUSTAR offers market leading courses and supplementary material for the learners of english in all age groups. We continue to lead the way in the development of new material for teachers and students across a range of plateform.

EDUSTAR combine the experience and expertise of two world department of the university of the Cambridge and Cambridge university press


We provide a good plateform to learners for their good and bright future with different kind of scenario. Our dream is to give a good knowledge to the students for their good living standard. We ensure that our training and decisions types are data informed and grounded in the best interests of our students

Visa guidance

EDUSTAR deal with the different kind of visa, regarding concern with different kind of countries like Europe, Uk , Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia. We go throughout for study visa and work visa with every type of field along with different regions of the world.


At EDUSTAR we provide a smartclasses with smart techniques. The different shade color of the classes gives a good motivation and inspiration to the child. We provide a full equipment kit to learner for their good achievement goal. There are different types of cabins for the individual speaking. Classes are built with a very accurate friendly structure .


All the staff members are certified from Cambridge university press with a huge experience. Trainers are well trained for the english communication skills  

edustar have a cafeteria for the relaxation and for the brake time with eco friendly enviorment